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Assembling, fitting and wet painting are all complementary services offered in-house to our customers, enabling us to offer a complete one-stop service for many assignments and engineering projects.

Our machine shop in Leicestershire includes an assembly and fitting area where our staff expertly handle both simple and complex assemblies. A wet spray painting booth with extraction is also available.

Trusted partners, who have been vetted personally by us and meet the highest standards of production and service, provide plating, powder coating, anodising, galvanising and other processes for our customers on our behalf. All work outsourced in this way is managed by us and thoroughly inspected in-house before being delivered to our clients.

In the case of hardening services, these are also sub-contracted out and are collected and delivered back to us on a three-day turnaround basis. This is just one example of the high standard of customer service we offer through the policies and processes we manage through our ISO-accredited quality management system. Whether it's a simple one-off job, a large complex project or a recurring order, we put the same care and thought in to every task to ensure we exceed expectations and maintain your trust and custom.

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